Steve Brownlie – Director Profile – SEO at Reach Creator Link Building

steve-brownlie-SEO-reach-creatorSteve Brownlie heads up the search marketing brands operated by Verticem Ltd including Reach Creator, Palladous and the Tech Function and Marginally Coherent magazines.

Steve Brownlie’s Personal Statement

I’m passionate about helping business owners, particularly growing search marketing agencies deliver exceptional results for their clients. After starting out in the toughest niches, such as the most challenging sub-niches within finance, men’s health, and alcohol and drug addiction recovery, our team is able to really work at a higher level than most of our competitors.

Our research strategy is always uncovering new approaches, long before they’re written about in the industry press, which I’m frequently disappointed with. A higher quality of knowledge being shared in the industry press would be a great benefit to our industry, and avoid the current problem where just too many in the SEO industry are more harm to their customers than good.

That’s why we’ve committed as a brand to sharing knowledge and in fact released largely our entire training guide to the Builder Society community in the form of our outreach guide. You can check it out here:

We’ve got big plans to continue that kind of giving and sharing over the coming years, as well as participating in charity events, organising our own conferences and in time producing an education platform for small businesses to self-serve their SEO requirements.
Steve Brownlie

Steve Brownlie’s Professional Skills

Brownlie brings a range of skills to the Verticem team including:

  • Outreach and linkbuilding in industries most agencies struggle to deliver unpaid/natural links in.
  • Scaling and managing an effective influencer marketing campaign – targeting the right influencers to deliver a strong ROI.
  • Recruiting and managing a pool of freelance writers and PR consultants to deliver flexible capacity to the business and our clients.
  • Maintaining professional relationships with industry colleagues and contacts.
  • Represent the search marketing industry in a positive and constructive manner when speaking.

Recent Thought Leadership Content By Steve Brownlie Brownlie discusses the typical advice given on SEO blogs about linkbuilding and how it’s fatally flawed, and actually results in worse coverage for the site you’re promoting. He goes on to explore the alternative way you can structure your campaigns to better align with a value based strategy, and targeting the most impactful sites. — With so much misinformation out there on popular SEO blogs, many written by former practitioners with little recent experience, Brownlie explores a simple mental thought process a skeptical reader can undertake in order to properly analyze and consider the information presented. That leads to being able to quickly whittle down a list of potential strategies to ones worth considering further.

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